BATT Agri Diesel 8D 4x4 Quad (ATV) in Barberton, Mpumalanga for sale

BATT Agri Diesel 8D 4x4 Quad (ATV)
BATT Agri Diesel 8D 4x4 Quad (ATV)
BATT Agri Diesel 8D 4x4 Quad (ATV)
BATT Agri Diesel 8D 4x4 Quad (ATV)

840 cc V-Twin diesel quad launches in SA!
For years the agricultural community asked the same question when looking at purchasing quad bikes, “do you have it in diesel?”. For years the answer was no. That answer has just changed to YES.
Batt Holdings brings you the 840 cc V-Twin diesel quad - the first of its kind on South African soil.
Fitted with the renowned Winsun diesel V-Twin engine, Bosch Injectors and your standard GUD or Champion filters you can be assured that parts and servicing will never be a problem. The engine is EPA approved, so reliability will be guaranteed.
With a massive 41nm of torque this vehicle delivers power and economics to our agricultural community. 4 WD, 2 WD and front differential lock electrically operated on the fly improves the traction in demanding terrain. The vehicle delivers an impressive 20km per liter with fuel capacity of 19 liters -  that gives a range of 380 km per tank. Towing is no problem either: standard equipment includes a towbar, socket and 3500 lbs winch. The maximum speed comes in at a low 60 km/h which enhances safety.

The transmission is automatic (with engine braking); heavy duty torque converter (CV) with high and low range. The suspension is fully independent dual A-arm 4-wheel system. Other features include an electric start with a self-bleeding fuel system, external electric fuel lift pump, external fuel filter and spin on oil filter.
There are three hydraulically operated calipers and disc brakes, one on the rear final drive gearbox and two fitted to the front wheels. A handlebar-mounted brake lever (right hand) operates the front brakes and foot-operated brake pedal activate all three calipers. The two brake circuits are independent. The gearbox has a parking position which locks the transmission for prolonged parking while the handlebar-mounted brake lever has a lever locking system which is suitable for short-term parking.

The 840cc V-Twin diesel quad also offers full Lighting: a side Light, high and low main beam, indicators, hazard warning, tail light and number plate light. The dash features a clock, speedometer, odometer, twin trip time and distance indicator, fuel gauge, engine speed indicator, hooter, low oil pressure and low charge warning lights. The gear indicator shows high, low, reverse, neutral and parking light indicator. There is also an independent 12v power supply cigarette lighter socket for GPS and charging cellular phone etc.
A wide range of accessories are available including crop sprayers, trailers, bags and bins mounted on the front or rear. Batt Holdings also has a large variety of tyres for different applications.

The vehicle comes standard with a 12 month warranty - a wide dealer network will ensure swift service to all corners of the country.